The L.A.M.P.


Lighthouse Academy Marcellus Partnership:

A homeschool group partnership with Marcellus Community Schools


Seated Component

The Seated Class Component of the program is a required time at which several classes are
ran for program participants.  Children will be able to choose between several classes to
take part in once a week for the school year.  Up to ten field trips for the year will be a part of the seated class opportunities as well.

Virtual Component

The Virtual Class Component of the program is a required element in which each student will have the opportunity to possibly take up to two classes online via the Internet.  These classes range from a variety of elective-type classes, some of which run for the entire year and others for a semester.

Community Component

The Community Class Component of the program is an optional opportunity for each participating student to enroll in a community-based instructional program.  Currently, the homeschool group has a partnership established with 18 community instructional programs ranging from music to dance to gymnastics and more.


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